Shin Chan Season 5 Hindi, Tamil and Telugu Dubbed Episodes Download (High Quality)

Shin Chan Season 5 Hindi, Tamil and Telugu Dubbed Episodes Download (High Quality)

Shin Chan Season 5 Hindi, Tamil and Telugu Dubbed Episodes Download (High Quality)

Series Info

Name : Crayon Shin Chan

Release Year : 1992

Synopsis : An Animation series following the adventures of a 5-year old boy named Shin-Chan, living with his family and friends in the Kasukabe city of Japan.

Shin Chan Season 05 Episodes

Quality : HQ 480P AMZN WEB-DL

Language : Hindi, Tamil & Telugu

Size : 136Mb – 255Mb

Episode 1 – A Day with the Volunteers! / Selling Christmas Cakes! / My Christmas Gift!

Episode 2 – Saving a Lost Child! / The Baby Crawl Race! / Spying on Ishizaka!

Episode 3 – Burdened with Housework! / It’s Too Cold to Go to School! / A Baby Car or a Ferrari?

Episode 4 – I Want to be Loved, too! / My Business Trip with Mom!

Episode 5 – Dad Gives Himawari a Bath! / A Day with Miss Marilyn! / Here I Come Himawari!

Episode 6 – A Day at the Gaming Center! / Dad is Suffering from a Back Pain! / A Duplicate of Matsuzaka!

Episode 7 – Something is Fishy! / Assistant Manager Plays Golf! / Matsuzaka’s Gift for a Special Person!

Episode 8 – Buying Dolls for Himawari! / Will the Kitten Find a Home? / Going to School During a Snowstorm!

Episode 9 – You Can’t Escape Me! / A Train Trip with Mom and Himawari!/ I’m Lost with

Episode 10 – Has Himawari been Kidnapped? / We’re Looking for Marilyn! / Are Principal’s Spectacles Magical?

Episode 11 – New Clothes for Himawari! / Marilyn Has a New Friend! / Sleepless Nights with Himawari!

Episode 12 – Leave My Hand, Himawari! / I Want to Play in the Wet Cement!

Episode 13 – I Need to Take a Bath for Nanako! / Nanako Pampers Himawari!

Episode 14 – Himawari Loves Glitter! / A Fraud Sales Representative! / The Three Baby-sitters!

Episode 15 – A Tea Ceremony at Nene-chan’s Place! / Children’s Day! / Fish Ceremony!

Episode 16 – Mom Faces Trouble!/ We’re All Late! / Himawari Pesters Mom!

Episode 17 – Dad’s Workout Plan! / Kazama Loves Cleaning! / A Visit to Yoshi!

Episode 18 – I Want a Quantum Robot! / Himawari is Troublesome! / A Ruckus at the Hotel!

Episode 19 – Dad Prepares a House Model! / Kazama is Embarrassed/ Selling Pet Care Products!

Episode 20 – Himawari is a Menace! / Masao’s Tragedies! / Mom Learns to Use a Computer!

Episode 21 – Playing with an Electric Massager! / Will Yoshinaga be Lucky?/ Yoshinaga and Ishizaka’s Love Proposal!

Episode 22 – Red Riding Hood and Purple Riding Hood! / Baseball Training! / Baseball Match!

Episode 23 – Shiro, the Real Hero! / Looking for Snails! / Matsuzaka Gets Fooled!

Episode 24 – I will take care of Himawari! / Who is Following Nanako?

Episode 25 – Honeybees in the School! / Blowing Balloons for Himawari is a Task!

Episode 26 – Where is Himawari? / Will Mom Get to Sleep? / Greedy for Crabs!

Episode 27 – Spending a Holiday With the Principal! / Mosquitoes, You Can’t Escape!

Episode 28 – We’re Looking for Stack Beetles! / Himawari Takes a Dip in the Pool!

Episode 29 – Is it a School or a Haunted House? / We Will Visit a Haunted House!

Episode 30 – Standing in a Queue for the Train Tickets! / Travelling on a Crowded Train! / We Will Have Fun at Grandpa’s Place!

Episode 31 – I Will Draw a Map! / A New AC in Our House!

Episode 32 – What is the Mystery Behind an Egg? / Taking Care of the Principal! / Dad and I Will Clean the Garden!

Episode 33 – A Battle of the Cowboys! / Mom Will Burn Her Fat! / I Got the Onions Effortlessly!

Episode 34 – I Invited Trouble! / Mom Takes a Leave From the Housework! / Providing the Tofu With Security!

Episode 35 – Micchi and Yoshirin Meet at the Amusement Park! / I Will Modify Yoshi’s Comic! / Himawari at the Missing Centre!

Episode 36 – Dad is Not Scared of a Typhoon! / I Will Answer the Questions! / We have New Neighbours!

Episode 37 – I Invited Trouble by Helping! / Enjoying at a Picnic! / No One Can Find Me!

Episode 38 – A Battle Between a Husband and Wife! / I’m Home Alone! / The Lobby is Turned Into a House!

Episode 39 – What is Wrong with Himawari? / Kasukabe Defence Troop on an Adventure! / Will Dad Stay Awake Whole Night?

Episode 40 – I’ll Make a Gift for Nanako! / Is Yoshinaga Mam Purchasing an Apartment? / We Will Play With a Torch!

Episode 41 – I’m an Expert at Curries! / We Will Play Action Kamen! / Himawari is Locked in the Car!

Episode 42 – Himawari’s Photo Shoot! / We Are Young Adventurers! / I Will Find Mom’s Friend!

Episode 43 – We Will Eat Blowfish! / Everyone Wants Blowfish!

Episode 44 – Mom and I Will Collect Garbage! / We are Young Samurais!

Episode 45 – We Will Fly Planes!

Episode 46 – Dad Needs Money Badly! / I Will Keep the House Tidy! / Matsuzaka Ma’am is Not Alone on Christmas!

Episode 47 – Mom Will Do the Stitching! / A Battle Between Two Groups! / Will it be a Boy or a Girl?

Episode 48 – Himawari’s Dream Comes True! / A Fight of the Ninjas! / Dad Wants to Change His Job!

Episode 49 – My Memory is Weak! / Micchi and Yoshirin at a Book Store! / I Will Eat Doughnuts Despite the Fever!

Episode 50 – A Hair Cut for Me and Himawari! / We’re Going to a Recycle Store! / A Kitty Party at My House!

Episode 51 – We Will Eat an Expensive Meat! / A Rabbit in the School! / Looking for Himawari!

Episode 52 – Selling an Insurance is Difficult! / Playing Trump Cards at Nene-chan’s Place! / Building an Ice House!

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